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Brahmanism - Paullinus a S. Bartholomeo [i.e. Joh. Ph. Werdin]

Systema Brahmanicum … — Rome 1791

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Systema Brahmanicum, liturgicum, mythologicum, civile ex monumentis indicis musei Borgianis Velitris, dissertationibus historico-criticis illustravit […] — Rome, Antonius Fulgonius, 1791.

First edition

4to (260 x 201 mm). XII, 326 pp., 30 plates (1 folded). Two stamps on title. Recent boards. Uncut. – Graesse I 302.

¶ Paullinus or Werdin is an Austrian Carmelite who lived in Malabar from 1776 to 1789, then in Rome, where he published, among other things, the first European Sanskrit grammar. His most important work is the Systema Brahmanicum, which is based on the Amarasinha dictionary and contains three parts on liturgy, mythology and the genealogy of the gods, and concludes with a description of the Indian caste system. The work concludes with 30 plates, the originals of which are in the Museum Borgianum in Rome.