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Aeschylus - Robortelli, Francesco (Ed.)

Scholia in Aeschyli tragoedias … — Venice 1552

Scholia in Aeschyli tragoedias omnes ex vetustissimis libris manuscriptis collecta, atque in hoc corpus redacta a Francisco Robortello Utinensi. — Venetiis, ex officina Erasmiana Vincentij Valgrisii, 1552.

Editio princeps

8vo (144 x 90 mm). *10 A-N8 O4: (20), 216 pp. 17th c. calf. Binding worn. 

The Scholia are followed by Turnèbe’s Aeschylos of 1552, and by the first Latin translation of Aeschylus by Sanravius (Basel, Oporinus, 1555). The Turnèbe imprint lacks leaf M6 (i. e. pp. 187/188), the Oporinus the last quire S of 6 leaves.

Hoffmann I2 51; Adams A 276; J. Lewis, Adrien Turnèbe … pp. 121ff.

On Robortelli’s edition of the Scholia and its sources see J. A. Gruys, The early printed editions (1518-1664) of Aeschylos … Nieuwkoop 1981, 48ff.: „This is the beginning of the higher criticsm of Aeschylus …“. The Scholia were published by Valgrisi presumably im January 1552. His edition of the tragedies followed in February, published by G. Scotus.