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Menander e.a.

Ex veterum comicorum fabulis … — Paris 1553/1554

600 €

Ex veterum comicorum fabulis, quae integrae non exstant, sententiae, nunc primum in sermonem Latinum conversae. — Parisiis, M.D.LIII. Apud Guil. Morelium. [Colophon: Parisiis excudebat Guilielmus Morelius M.D.LIIII]. 

[Paris, G. Morel, 1553/1554].

8vo (132 x 84 mm). A8 B10 C8 D6 E8 F10 G8 H6 I4 K6: (4), 147 p.

19th century green morrocco; double gilt fillet on both covers, spine gilt with two lables, inside dentelle, gilt edges. A nice copy.

First edition iin Latin.

The previous entry shows the bilingual edition of Menander. In that edition the Greek and Latin text was printed on different sheets; as shown, this produced some inconveniencies in gathering. But it allowed Morel to sell not only bilingual copies but also copies in either Greek or Latin. I found one copy with the Greek text only (Paris Sorbonne), and only the one offered here with the Latin text only. – Bibliographical information refers to bilingual copies only.