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Sextus Empiricus

Adversus mathematicos … — Antwerp/Paris 1569

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Adversus mathematicos (…) Graece nunquam, Latine nunc primùm editum, Gentiano Herveto Aurelio interprete. Eiusdem Sexti Pyrrhoniarum hypotyposeon libri tres (…) Interprete Henrico Stephano. Accessit & Pyrrhonis vita, ex Diogene Laertio (…) Item, Cl. Galeni contra Academicos & Pyrrhonios, D. Erasmo Roterodamo interprete. — Antwerpiae apud Christoph. Plantinum, M. D. LXIX. (Colophon:) Excudebat Parisiis Martinus Iuvenis, Anno. M. D. LXIX. sexto caldendas Iunii (Paris, Martin Le Jeune, 7 May 1569).

Antwerp, Plantin, 1569

First edition

Folio (305 x 203 mm). a, a-z A-Z aa-zz AA-HH4:  (4) ff., 398, 399-583, (1) pp., (16) ff. (last blank).

Wormhole in the outer blank margin of h1 to A4. A number of conjugate leaves browned or toned and foxed, due to different paper qualities, or to the ink (too much linseed oil in it). Widemargined copy with a few deckle edges.

17th or 18th century Italian vellum. – Adams S-1026.

„… But Montaigne also read the Latin translations of Sextus Empiricus unavailable for Talon and his critics: The Outlines of Philosophy, published by Estienne in 1562, and Against the Mathematicians, issued by Gentian Hervet in 1569. Estienne apparently lacked the wit to look into the Pandora’s box that he opened; he had no inkling that the ideas he let loose would haunt philosophers for centuries … The printing of Sextus in the 1560s opened a new era in the history of Scepticism …“ (Copenhaver/Schmitt, Renaissance Philos. p. 240)

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