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Aristoteles - Faber Stapulensis / Josse Clichthove

Utilissima introductio in libros De Anima Aristotelis — Leipzig 1506

3.000 €

Utilissima introductio in libros De Anima Aristotelis. adiectis que eam declarant breviusculis Judoci Neoportuensis annotationibus. — (Colophon:) Impresse sunt he introductiones […] Liptzk per Jacobum Thanner Herbipolensem Anno […] 1506 tertio kl’as Apriles finite. (Leipzig, Jacob Thanner, March 30 1506).

4to (250 x 138 mm). a6 b4: (10) leaves, b4 blank. Three wormholes throughout.

It seems, that this is the first separate edition of any of Lefevre’s introductions to Aristotle – in October 1506 only an edition of the introduction to the Nicomachean ethics was published in Venice. Edited by Henricus Stromer (also: Henricus Auerbach), in 1508 Rector of Leipzig University. Lefevre’s introduction is printed in double line spacing like in a Vorlesungsdruck, Clichtove’s commentary has the usual setting. The book seems to be rare: catalogues, online and printed, show 7 copies only: Stanford, Stockholm, Budapest, and four in German libraries. – VD16 L-964.