Antiquariat Jürgen Dinter

Johannes Chrysostomos

Panegyrici / Opuscula — Bordeaux / Paris 1586-1601


Panegyrici tractatus XVII. Nunc primum Graece & Latine in lucem editi opera Frontonis Ducaei Burdigalensis, Societatis Iesu Professoris Theologi. — Burdigalae, Apud Simonem Milangium Typographum Regium, CIC.ICC.I. [Bordeaux, Simon Millanges, 1601]. Bound with some more of Johannes Chrysostomos, all published by Federic Morel:

De christiana benignitate, concio: Nunc primum Graece & Latine edita. — Lutetiae, Apud Federicum Morellum Typographum Regium. M.D.XCIIII. [1594].

Περὶ εἱμαρμενὴς τε καὶ προνοίας, λόγοι ἕξ. Conciunculae perquam elegantes sex de fato & providentia Dei. 1586.

Περὶ  ἀρχῆς καὶ ἐξουσίας. De principatu & imperio, concio elegantissima. 1593.

De principatu & imperio, concio elegantissima. 1594. 

Εἰς γένεσιν λόγοι τρεῖς. In Genesim sermones III. Nunc primum in lucem editi Graece & Latine.  1594.

In I. cap. Genesis, conciones III. luculentissimae; Nunc Primum luce & Latinitate donatae. 1594.


Editiones principes

8vo (162 x 108 mm). 17th century red morrocco, edges gilt, joints starting at foot. A few scribblings in Panegyrici, ending on page 7, and on pages 389 to 399. Tear in lower margin of leaf δ2, and Δδ1. Bibliographical notes on upper fly-leaf.

Provenance: on both covers arms of Jean-Jacques Charron de Ménars (1643-1718), advisor to the Paris Parliament and then President of the Ménars Parliament; around 1679 he acquired the de Thou collection, which he sold in 1706 to Cardinal de Rohan, then Bishop of Strasbourg; the rest of his great library was sold after his death in The Hague, with the exception of about 850 manuscripts, which entered the Royal Library in 1755.

Three ex-libris on paste-down.

Panegyrici: *8 α,β8 γ4 δ,ε8 ζ4 η-ι8 κ44 blank) λ,μ8 ν4 ξ-ω8 Αα-Δδ6 A-G4 HH8: (8) leaves, 477, (15) pp.

De benignitate: α4 β2 A4: 12, 8 pp. Printer’s mark on title-page (Silvestre 570).

Περὶ εἱμαρμενὴς: A-K4: 82 leaves. Basilisc device on title-page.

Περὶ  ἀρχῆς: A-C4: 23 pp. Basilisc device on title-page.

De principatu: A-C4: 23 pp.  Large printer’s mark on last page. Basilisc device on title-page.

Εἰς γένεσιν: α-ε4: 32 pp. Printer’s mark on title-page. Allegory of Ἀληθεία on page 16. (Silvestre 1081).

In Genesim: A-C4: 24 pp. Printer’s mark on title-page (Silvestre 570).


Panegyrici: Hoffmann II2 404. Online catalogues (KVK, WorldCat, SUDOC, USTC etc.) show 8 copies in France, 4 in Germany, one in Luxemburg, and one in the Bibl. Nac. de Mexico(!). Seems to be a rare book; the same applies to the following books:

De benignitate: USTC 137181; Hoffmann ?

Περὶ εἱμαρμενὴς: USTC ?; Hoffmann II2 410

Περὶ  ἀρχῆς: USTC 137127; Hoffmann II2 410

De principatu: USTC 158387; Hoffmann II2 410

Εἰς γένεσιν: USTC 146429; Hoffmann II2 405

In Genesim: USTC 153393; Hoffmann II2 405