Antiquariat Jürgen Dinter

Abaelardus, Petrus

Opera — Paris 1616

300 €

Petri Abaelardi, filosofi et theologi abbatis Ruyensis et Heloisae coniugis eius […] opera. Nunc primum edita ex msss. codd. […]. — Paris, sumptibus Nicolai Buon, 1616.

4to (224 x 166 mm). a-e4 *2 **4 f2 A-Z Aa-Cc4 Dd3: (28) leaves, 213 pp. [next part starts with Dd4]. 17th century sprinkled calf, spine gilt. Contents with light toning, joints starting.

¶ “The first part of the first edition of Abaelard’s works, containing his correspondence with Heloise, his Confessio Fidei, and his Historia Calamitatum, the autobiographical sketch and his attempt at self-justification. The work was edited by Duchesne: this, however, is the issue which has the name of Francois d’Amboise on the title. In the Apologetic Preface, life and work of the author are discussed, heretical tendencies are denied, and a great numer or references to Abaelard by medieval writers and in medieval historical works are quoted in full. Also included is the Censura Doctorum Parisiensium.” (W. Salloch, cat. 251)

The Praefatio apologetica was omitted from the later issue.