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Justinus Martyr

Opera  in Greek … — Paris 1551

(Opera  in Greek). — Lutetiae, Ex officina Roberti Stephani typographi Regii, Regiis typis. M. D. LI. 

(Paris, Rob. Estienne, 1551)

Editio princeps

Folio (314 x 212 mm). *4 a-t8 v6: (4) leaves, 311, (1) pages, (2) leaves. Title-page a bit dusty, first and last leaves with marginal waterstaining. Three ownership-entries on fly-leaf, one on title. Underlinings and marginal annotations in different hands. Modern black morocco.

Schreiber 107: „Editio princeps, beautifully printed in the first font of the ‚grecs du roi‘, from manuscripts in the Royal Library. This first edition of the works of Saint Justin, the 2nd-century martyr, which Robert had already announced in the preface to his 1550 Greek Testament, was a most important contribution to the study of Christian antiquity, and the sensation which its publication created among the learned was still remembered by Henri Estienne over 40 years later, in the preface to his own edition of Pseudo-Justin’s Letter to Diognetus (1592).

The edition was completed and published by Charles Estienne after Robert’s final departure for Geneva.“

Adams J-494; Hoffmann II 502.