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Methodus conscribendarum epistolarum … — Basel 1548

Methodus, una cum exemplis, conscribendarum epistolarum, incerti autoris, Graece & Latine, nunquam antea in lucem edita. Eme lector, ac utere […]. — Basel, [Oporinus], [End of dedication letter:] 1st Jan. 1548. [SOLD]

First edition thus

Kl.-8vo (144 x 95 mm). a-e8 (blank e8 present): 78 p. Old vellum, spine repaired. Brown spot to lower outer corner of the last third of the copy.

The book starts with ps.-Libanius‘ Περὶ τοῦ Ἐπισταλικοῦ χαρακτῆρος (pp. 5-19); followed by 38 Greek letters demonstrating the different types of letters described in the previous part (pp. 19-50). The remaining has translations of the letters into Latin by several authors: Georg von Schönerg, David Capito, Iacobus Vaccius, Augustinus Guntzerus, Marcus Aequatorius, Cuno a Walbrunn, Balthasar Acanthius. The dedication letter to Philipp Micyllus is by Johannes Hartung.  The book was reprinted by Oporinus with additions by Vives, Erasmus e.a. in 1558. – VD16 L 1476 (notes the printer as Oporinus, and the year of publishing as 1548); not in Hoffmann.