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Suarez, Franciscus

Metaphysicarum disputationum […] — Mainz 1630

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Metaphysicarum disputationum, in quibus et univ. naturalis theologia ordinate traditur, et quaestiones ad omnes XII Aristotelis libros pertinentes, accurate disputantur. Tomi duo. — Mainz, H. M. Birckmann, 1630.


Folio (328 x 213mm). (6) leaves, 602 pp.; 661, (94) pp. 19th century half calf, rubbed, corners bumped. The leaves of first quire in volume one are bound in wrong order. Title-page frayed and with tears, 6 leaves at the beginning remargined, leaf A2 with loss of a few words. New endpapers. Foxed and browned.


¶ Suarez, (1548-1617), „Spanish scholastic philosopher and theologian … At the time of his death, Suárez’ reputation as a philosopher and theologian was extraordinary, and his metaphysics dominated thought at Catholic and many Protestant universities for the next two centuries. Descartes is said to have carried a copy of the Disputationes with him during his travels. The Ontologia of Wolff owed much to Suárez, and Leibniz read him avidly … After Aquinas, Suárez is generally recognized as the greatest of all Scholastics …“ (Enc. of Philos. VIII, 30ff.)

Schopenhauer has characterized the Disputationes as „the true compendium of scholasticism.“Some 15 editions were printed in Salamanca, Venice, Paris, Lyon, Geneva, Mainz and Cologne between 1597 and 1636.