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Aristoteles - Jacques Lefèvre d'Etaples / Josse Clichthove [sold]

In hoc opere continentur totius philosophiae naturalis paraphrases … Paris 1501

In hoc opere continentur totius philosophiae naturalis paraphrases: adiecto ad litteram familiari comentario declarate, et hoc ordine digeste.

Paraphrasis octo physicorum Aristotelis

Duo dialogi physici

Paraphrasis quattuor de celo & mundo completorum

Paraphrasis duorum de generatione & corruptione

Paraphrasis quattuor Metheororum completorum

Paraphrasis trium de anima completorum

Paraphrasis libri de sensu et sensato

Paraphrasis libri de memoria et reminiscentia

Paraphrasis de sono et vigilia

Paraphrasis libri de longitudine et brevitate vite

Introductio Metaphysica, quattuor dialogis declarata.

(Colophon:) Impressum in alma parhisiorum achademia per Volffgangum Hopylium, in vico divi Iacobi ad insigne sancti Georgii Anno Christi piissimi salvatoris, entis entium, summique boni. 1501. vicesima quinta die Martii.

(Paris, Wolfgang Hopyl, 25 March 1501).


Folio (274 x 204 mm).

[2] a-o8 p6 q-s8 t10 v-z8 &8 aa-ll8 mm12 n-z8 &&8 ??8 996 A-C8 D6: (2), 432 (i. e. 430) ff.

Title-page restored, worming to last leaf with loss of a few letters. Faint marginal waterstaining to a number of leaves.

Contemporary or near contemporary calf over wooden boards. Panelled in blind with three different roll-stamps and two different stamps in the centrepiece. Head of spine with some defects, lower joint starting in the two upper compartments. Clasps gone. Red edges.

Provenance: Contemporary marginal annotations, mainly in Paraphrases octo physicorum and De anima.

Moreau/Renouard, Inventaire Chronologique des Éditions Parisiennes du XVIe siècle, vol. I, p. 59, no. 69. USTC 142754.

Rice, The prefatory epistles of Jacques Lefèvre d’Etaples and related texts, NY 1972, pp. 97ff.

First edition thus; the edition of 1492 does not have the extensive commentaries of Josse Clichthove which are two or three times the size of Faber’s Paraphrases. Printed in two different sizes of Roman type: 20 lines of Lefèvre’s Paraphrases measure 104 mm, of Clichtove’s commentary 80 mm.