Antiquariat Jürgen Dinter

Macarius, Aegyptius

Homiliae, in Greek — Paris 1559


Τοῦ ὅσιου πατρὸς Μακαρίου αἰγυπτίου ὁμιλιαί ν´. B. Macarii Aegyptij homiliae quinquaginta. Ex Bibliiotheca Regia. — Parisiis, M.D.LIX. Apud Guil. Morelium, in Graecis typographum Regium. Ex privilegio Regis. [Paris, G. Morel, 1559].

Editio princeps

8vo (170x 111 mm). *2 A-Z, a-m8 n4: (2) leaves, 567 pp. Basilisk device of the Royal Printer for Greek, and faint early ownership entry on title. Contemporary vellum, gilt centrepiece and gilt double filets on both covers; egdes gilt; spine with ms. title. Ruled in red throughout; wide margins. – Adams M-2; Hoffmann II 576.