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Historiarum libri VIII — Augsburg 1607

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Historiarum Procopii Caesarensis libri VIII. Nunc primum Graece editi. Accessit liber de ædificiis Justiniani, fere duplo quam antea auctior. Opera Davidis Hoeschelii. [Graece]. — Augsburg, David Franck, 1607.


Editio princeps

Folio (316 x 195 mm). (8), 376, 56, (84) p. Engraved title-page. Contemporary English binding of brown calf, spine gilt. Chain mark on upper cover. Upper joint splitted. The title-page shows Justinian and his generals Belisarius and Narses, their enchained enemies between them.

Provenance: Contemporary entry Thomas Tonky on paste-down; Earls of Macclesfield, Shirburn Castle, ex-libris on paste-down, their blind-stamp on upper margin of first three pages. – Hoffmann III, 297f.


¶ First edition of the original Greek of Procopius’ collection of writings about the Persian, Vandal and Gothic wars, and second much enlarged edition of his description of public works – churches, palaces, hospitals, bridges – built during the reign of Justinian down to 558. The editor is David Hoeschel (1556-1617), pupil of Hieronymus Wolf, member of the Augsburg circle of Humanists, friend of Casaubon, Scaliger, Heinsius, Gruter, Lipsius and many more well-known scholars of Greek literature. His edition of the Byzantine historian Procopius (6th c.) is said to be one of the most important until today. The printer, David Franck, was active for the non-profit printing company of Augsburg citizens „Ad insigne Pinus“, which published a great number of Greek and Latin classics. He started his own printing shop in 1604.