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Calvisius, Sethus

Exercitationes musicae duae … — Leipzig 1600

Exercitationes musicae duae. Quarum prior est, de modis musicis, quos vulgo tonos vocant, recte cognoscendis, & dijudicandis. Posterior, de initio et progressu musices, aliisque rebus eo spectantibus … — Leipzig, Franciscus Schnelboltz for Jacobus Apelius, 1600. [sold]

First edition

8vo (153 x 96 mm). (1) leaf, 138 (= 139) pp., (1) p. Later boards. – VD 16 ZV 17681 (Halle, Zwickau, Berlin); not in Adams. Rare.


¶ Calvisius, 1556-1615, studied at Helmstedt and Leipzig, became Cantor at the Thomasschule and both Thomas and Nikolai churches in Leipzig.

Wrote also on mathematics, astronomy, chronology befriended with Johannes Kepler.

Seth Calvisius’s theoretical writings on music made the Italian musical theory of the Renaissance known beyond the Alps, reshaped with particular clarity and precision. At the same time, they brought to a close a significant era in musical thought.

Part 2 of the Exercitationes represents one of the earliest tracts on the history of musical theory.

See in detail: Gesine Schröder, Tempus musicae – tempus mundi. Untersuchungen zu Seth Calvisius. Hildesheim 2008