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Salutati, Coluccio

Epistolae … — Florence 1741/1742

1.200 €

Epistolae ex cod. mss. nunc primum in lucem editae a Iosepho Rigaccio. Et scholiis illustratae. Pars prima [-secunda]. 2 volumes.  — Florence, Bruscagli, 1741-1742.

First edition

8vo (212 x 145 mm). XLVIII, 206, (2) (last blank); XXXII, 224 pp. Engaved frontispiece, title-page printed in red & black. The edition has the pecularity having the last quire of volume I with Rigacci’s Appendix … printed in Geneva by Peter Wolfgang. Contemporary cartonatura rustica. A fine uncut copy.

Salutati (1331-1406), one of the most important early humanists, friend and admirer of Petrarch whose poem Africa he published, engaged Manuel Chrysoloras to teach Greek in Florence, known as powerful letter-writer. The enemy of Florence Giangealeazzo Visconti is reported to have said that a letter of Salutati’s was worth a troop of horse.