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Vrancic, Faust [sold]

Dictionarium Quinque Nobilissimarum Europae Linguarum … Venice 1595

Dictionarium Quinque Nobilissimarum Europae Linguarum. Latinae, Italicae, Germanicae, Dalmatiae, Ungaricae. — Venetiis, apud Nicolaum Morettum, 1595. [Venice, Nicolò Moretti].

First edition of the first dictionary of Croatian and Hungarian.

4to (192 x 142 mm). *4 A-Q4: (4) ff., pp. [128]. Stamp on verso of title.

Contemporary vellum, spine with small defects.

Edit 16 48248; Adams V-398 (Verantius); ustc 762465 (with wrong date). 

The name of Vrancic (1571-1616) appears in some variations: Faust Vrančić (serbo-croatian), Faustus Verancsics (hungarian), Fausto Veranzio, Faustus Verantius.

In honour of Vrančić and his dictionary the Croation Post in 1995, 400 years after the first edition, published a stamp showing the title-page  of the 1595 edition. I have added one to the book.