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Dialogoi … — Rome 1547

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Διάλογοι τρεῖς κατά τινων Αἱρέσεων: ∼

Κατὰ Αἱρετικῶν βιβλίον ἐν ᾧ τὰς Φλυαρίας, καὶ μύθους διηγεῖται καὶ ἐξελέγχει: ∼

Θείων δογμάτων ἐπιτομή: ∼

Dialogi tres contra quasdam Haereses … — [Rome, Stephano Nicolini da Sabbio, Jan. 1547].

[Imprint on title-page:]


Romae, per Stephanum Nicolinum Sabiensem Chalcographum

Apostolicum, cum Privilegio ad Decennium. Anno

  MDXLVII. Mense Januario.

         Οὐκ ἄνευ Προνομίας


   ἐτυπώθη ἐν Ρὥμη παρὰ Στεφάνῳ νικολίνῳ

Σαβιεῖ, Ἀποστολικῷ χαλκογράφῳ

  μετὰ τῆς Προνομίας πρὸς δεκα-

  τίαν, ἔτει ,αφμζ‘

 Μηνὶ Γαμηλιῶνι. ∼

Editio princeps

4to (232 x 157 mm). i4 A4 Α-Ω4 AA-MM4: (8), 142, (2) leaves.

Contemporary red morocco, arms and monogramm of Jaques-Agusted de Thou on covers and spine resp.; joints weak and starting, some minor restorations to head & foot of spine. Gilt edges. Copy with ample margins, a few edges untrimmed.

The device shows a crown which refers to the Greek meaning of Stephanos‘ name, and a bridge over the river Chiese in his home valley Val Sabbia in the region of Brescia. One of only two Greek books printed in Rome under Stephanos‘ own name. On the Greek type see above.

Provenance: Jacques-Auguste de Thou as bachelor; Collection Comtes de Ribes.

Edited by Camillo Perusco, who also edited the ed. princeps of Aelianus in 1545. The volume starts with a Greek letter by Perusco to a Cardinal Nicolaus Ardingellus (Αρδιγγελλος), followed by a few lines to the reader: „Σπουδαῖοις εὖ πράττειν“, and Perusco’s notes on Theodoretus; it ends with two pages of variant readings from a manuscript in the library of Cardinal Salvitatis.

Layton p. 416; Hoffmann III2 495; Adams T 493; Edit16 32934.