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Vives, Joannes Ludovicus

De officio mariti. — Brugge 1529

8.000 €

De officio mariti. — [Title-page:] Prostat Venalis Brugis in burgo apud Simonem de Molendino. [Colophon:] Hubertus Crocus imprimebat, expensis Simonis de Molendino Brugis., 30. Ianuarij. 1529. Romana computatione. [Brugge, Hub. de Croock for Simon Vermuelen, 1529].

First edition

8vo (147 x 99 mm). A-N8: (104) leaves. Woodcut title-border, woodcut of the arms of Brugge on verso of N8. Recto of title-leaf and verso of last leave dust-soiled. 19th century half-calf.

Estelrich, Vives. Exposition a la Bibl. Nationale, Paris 1941, no. 152; Nijhoff-Kronenberg no. 2171; Adams V-953. This edition not in the exhibition catalogue Vives te Leuven, Leuven 1993; González, Vives Edicions princeps. Valencia 1992 no. 30 (the Gent copy).

Provenance: A few contemporary annotations an underlinings. The copy has very special markings: a tiny scrap of blue paper is pasted in the white margins to mark a sentence or passage important to the then reader, see photos. I have never seen this kind of marks in books; nothing comparable is found in Roger Stoddard’s exhibition catalogue Marks in books.


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