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Vergerius, [Petrus] Paulus

De ingenuorum educatione liberorum et liberalibus artibus … Brescia 1528

De ingenuorum educatione liberorum et liberalibus artibus …  a Io. Baptista Benivolo correcta. — Brescia, Lodovicus Britannicus, 21. Dec. 1528.


4to (209 x 150 mm). A-F8: (48) leaves. Dampstain to upper right corner with small marginal loss of paper (see image). Tiny wormhole in inner hinges. 19th or early 20th c vellum, covers bent. – Edit16 57980. This edition not in Adams nor BL/STC.

¶ Vergerio (1370-1444), Italien humanist, studied in Padua and Florence, where he became friend of Colluccio Salutati, studied Greek with Manuel Chrysoloras. De educatione (written in 1402) is said to be the first Renaissance tract on education, and Vergerio is said to be the founder of modern pedagogic.


Gabriel Bonetus. (Dedication to Hieronymus Montius [Mediolanensis]). A2r-A2v.

Tabula in Pauli Vergerii capita. A2v-A3v

P. P. Vergerio: De ingenuis moribus. A4r-C7r

Guarini Veronensis: In Plutarchum praefatio. C7r-C7v

Plutarchus: De ingenuis moribus. C7v-E3v

Leonardus Aretinus: In Magnum Basilio praefatio. E4r-E4v

Basilius Magnus: De legendis gentilium libris. E4v-F3v

Hieronymus: De officiis liberorum erga parentes brevis admonitio. F3v-F4v

Hieronymus: Epistola ad Eliodorum. F5r-F8r