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Anthologia Graeca

Anthologia Graeca — Paris 1531

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Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum … [Greek text] — (Paris), Badius Ascensius, May 1531.

8vo. 324 leaves. Upper margin cut short; faint waterstaining confined to margins, light toning throughout. Late 16th century vellum.

Renouard, Badius Ascensius II, 444; Hoffmann I, 168; BL/STC p. 206. Not in Adams. Cf. J. Hutton, The Greek Anthology in France, p. 83f.

First printing of the Anthology in France. About 700 books left the printing presses of Badius Ascensius in more than 30 years between 1503 and 1535. Of these eleven only are printed in Greek type. Badius started with the important Letters of Budé in August 1520, and finished with a speech of Demosthenes in 1532. The Greek font was bought by him in Basel in the beginning of 1520, since both Budé and Erasmus wanted Greek books to be published by Badius and regretted, that this was impossible up to that date. Renouard quotes from a letter of Budé (24. Febr. 1520): „Diligo jam Badium de typis graecis ab eo e Germania curatis.“