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Θηριακά / Ἀλεξιφάρμακα — Paris 1557


Θηριακά. Theriaca. [And:] Ἀλεξιφάρμακα. Alexipharmaca … Interprete Io. Gorraeo Parisiensi. [And:] Σχολια ἀνωνυμοῦ τινὸς συγγραφέως … εἰς τὰ Θηριακά … Σχολια διαφορῶν … εἰς Ἀλεξιφάρμακα. In Nicandri Theriaca scholia authoris incerti, & vetusta & utilis. In eiusdem Alexipharmaca diversorum authorum scholia. — Paris, G. Morel (In graecis typographus Regius), 1557.


4to (167 x 223 mm). a4 A-N4 O2 a-n4 Aa-Ii4: (4) leaves, 223 (i. e. 220) pp., 80 (i. e. 72) pp. Printed in Greek & Lat. Contemporary limp vellum, lacking ties. Small hole in first leaf and in d3 (pp. 141/2). Later ms. title on spine in black ink. A wide margined copy. – Adams N-212; Hoffmann, II, 617f.

Apparently the first edition with the text in Greek and Latin, on opposite pages. With extensive notes by Gorraeus on both works. Gorraeus, Jean de Gorris (1507-1577), taught at Paris University, translated Galenus and Hippocrates, wrote Definitiones medicas, his Opera were published 1622 in Paris.