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Plutarchus Chaeroneus

Ἠθικὰ συνγράμματα / Moralia — Basel 1542

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Πλουτάρχου τοῦ Χαιρωνέως Ἠθικὰ συνγράμματα, ἐν οἷς μυρία σφάλματα κατώρθωται. 

Plutarchi Chaeronei Moralia opuscula, multis mendarum milibus expurgata. — Basileae per Hier. Frobenium et Nic. Episcopium, M.D.XLII. 

Basel, Froben & Episcopius, 1542

Folio (307 x 209 mm).

α-ω Αα-Ωω ΑΑ-ΩΩ6 ΑαΑ8: (6) ff., 877, (1) pp., (1) f. 5 page-numbers misprinted. Small strip of paper (1 x 8 cm) cut out of upper right corner of the title-page; first six leaves with a small water-margin in the upper right corner. Ample margins.

Provenance: Exlibris Charles Truinet (1828-1899), and ms. notes in Latin, dated 1547, on paste-down. On the upper board of the binding the signatures „C B“ and the year „1542“ stamped in gold.

Binding: Blindstamped polished calf over wooden boards. Clasps gone.

The binding shows 3 different roles and 3 different stamps: Of the roles the outer is a palmetteborder, , the second shows Christ, David, Jesaja, John the Baptist, the inner one Iustitia, Lucretia, Prudentia, Suavitas; this one is dated 1540. The stamps are a rosette, an acorn, and something looking like an imperial globe.

The roles are documented in the „Einbanddatenbank“ of the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin under w007524. 

Hoffmann III 183; VD16 P 3675 ; Adams P 1635; Hieronymus, Griech. Geist … no. 97.