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Aischylos / Ed. Turnèbe

Προμηθευς δεσμώτης … — Paris 1552

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Αἰσχύλου Προμηθευς δεσμώτης, Ἕπτα ἐπὶ Θηβαίς, Πέρσαι, Ἀγαμέμνων, Ἐυμένιδες, Ἰκέτιδες. — Parisiis, Ex officina Adriani Turnebi Typographi Regij, M.D.LII. Typis Regiis. 

[Paris, Turnèbe, 1552].

First Turnèbe edition, first book of Turnèbe as Royal printer of Greek.

8vo (158 x 94 mm). α4 A-N8 O2: (8), 211, (1) p. 18th century calf, skillfully rebacked, old spine laid down. 

Provenance: F. M. Dittrich Dr. iur. 1870 on fly-leaf. – Adams A-264; Hoffmann I 32 („schöne und seltene Ausgabe“); ustc 154188.

The basilisk device on the title-page shows Turnèbe as Royal Greek Printer, first used by Robert Estienne, followed by Turnèbe, Guillaume Morel, Robert Estienne II, Federic Morel; unlike these printers Turnèbe had no device of his own. The edition of Aeschylus is the first book of Turnèbe as Royal Greek Printer.

On the edition see John Lewis, Adrien Turnèbe (1512-1565). A humanist observed. Genève 1998, pp. 120-125; J. A. Gruys, The early printed editions (1518-1664) of Aeschylus. A chapter in the history of classical scholarship. Nieuwkoop 1981, 31ff.