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Liturgy, Greek

Λειτυργίαι τῶν πατέρων … Paris 1560


Λειτυργίαι τῶν πατέρων, Ἰακώβου τοῦ ἀποστόλου καὶ ἀδελφοθέου. Βασιλείου τοῦ μεγάλου. Ἰωάννου τοῦ χρυσοστόμου […] — Paris, Giul. Morel, 1560.

Folio (228 x 167 mm). *2, A-P6: (2) leaves, 179 pp. 18th century calf. Some wormholes in the outer margin neatly repaired, at I3 lower outer corner missing with loss of a few letters. G3 and G4 with a waterspot in the outer margin. Sometimes found together with the Latin translation published by Morel at the same date. – Adams L-842.

Provenance: bookplates of St Benedict’s Abbey, Fort Augustus, J. Roby 1788 in upper margin of title. Some old underlining in brown ink.

¶ “A collection of old Greek liturgies according to the rites of St. James, Basilius Magnus, and Johannes Chrysostomos, suppplemented with evidence from a number of Greek Church Fathers, in Greek throughout.” (Smitskamp, catalogue 641).

“A very fine book […] containing the magnificent liturgies of St. James, St. Basil, and St. Chrysostom, in Greek, […] was printed by Morel of Paris, in 1560, in one color, from the Royal Greek types, the rubrics in these Greek liturgies being distinguished by a small Greek character justified into the lines of text […]” (D. B. Updike, Some notes on liturgical printing, in: The Dolphin, no. 2, 1935, p. 218.)

“A beautiful folio […] The edition of Morel has hitherto furnished the only printed text of the liturgy of S. James.” (Ch. A. Swainson, The Greek Liturgies …, London 1884,