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Cyrillus Hierosolymitanus / Athenagoras

Κατήχησις […] / Ἀπολογία περὶ Χριστιανῶν — Paris 1564/1577

1.500 €

Cyrillus Hierosolymitanus / Athenagoras

Κατηχήσις […] Ex bibliotheca Henrici Memmij libellorum supplicum in regia magistri. — Parisiis M.D.LXIIII. Apud Guil. Morellium in Graecis typographum Regium. [Paris, G. Morel, 1564]. 

Bound first:


Ἀπολογία περὶ Χριστιανῶν. Apologia pro Christianis. — Parisiis, M.D.LXXVII. Apud Ioannem Bene natum.[Paris, J. Biennè, 1577].

Editio princeps of Cyrillus and first separate edition of Athenagoras

8vo (162 x 109 mm).

Cyrillus: *2 A-O8 P2 but lacking blank P2: (4), 226, (2) pp. Basilisc device of the Royal Greek Printer on title. This one of the last books printed by Guillaume Morel; he died in 1564.

Contents: Catecheses 4, 6, 9, 10, 11, 18, and the 5 Mystagogikai. 

Athenagoras: A-D8 E4 A-F8 (F8 blank): 72, 94 pp., 1 blank leaf. Wormtrack in inner hinge, ending with second A8.

A few underlinings in red on the first pages of Athenagoras and on the last of Cyril.

Contemporary limp vellum, upper hinge broken in its lower half. – Hoffmann I2 495, 400; Adams C-3179, A-2104.