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Synesius Cyrenensis

Κατάστασις … Περὶ ὑπνίων — Paris 1595/1586

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Synesius Cyrenensis

Κατάστασις … [Graece & Latine]. – Paris, Federicus Morellus, 1595.

Idem, Περὶ ὑπνίων. [Graece]. – Ibd., 1586.

Idem, Liber de Insomniis. [Latine]. Interprete A. Pichonio. – Ibd., 1586.

Κατάστασις: 16 pp. (Greek text), 8 p. (Latin text). Bound between quires A and B of the Greek text are 8 pages of: Συνεσίου … Ὁμιίλιαι. Paris, Morel , 1600.

Περὶ ὑπνίων: 56 pp.

De insomniis: (10) (Epistola nuncupatoria), 31 leaves, (1) leaf Errata.

Adams S-2212, 2204, 2205; Hoffmann III, 464-466. First separate editions of all works.

Marginal waterstaining, notes on front fly-leaves. 19th century red morocco, inside dentelle, spine gilt, triple gilt filets on both covers.

Synesius (c. 373 – c. 414), neoplatonist, bishop of Ptolemais in the province Cyrenaica in today’s Libya. Katástasiv describes the fall and ruin of that province. De insomniis liber, a book on the reasonableness of Dreams, written about 402, is deeply influenced by the Neoplatonists Plotin and Porphyry.