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Synesius Cyrenensis

Κατάστασις … Περὶ ἐνυπνίων — Paris, F. Morel, 1595

Κατάστασις … [Graece & Latine]. – Paris, Federicus Morellus, 1595.

Idem, Περὶ ἐνυπνίων. [Graece]. – Ibd., 1586.

Idem, Liber de Insomniis. [Latine]. Interprete A. Pichonio. – Ibd., 1586.

Κατάστασις: A,B4 A4: 16 p. (Greek text), 8 p. (Latin text). Bound between quires A and B of the Greek text are 4 leaves (Signature: α4) of: Συνεσιου … Ὁμίλιαι. Paris, Morel , 1600. Adams S-2012.

Περὶ ἐνυπνίων: Α-Η4. 56 pp. Adams S-2204.

De insomniis: A,B4 C2 A-H4: (10) (Epistola nuncupatoria), 31 leaves, (1) leaf Errata. Adams 2205. Like in many other copies the present hasn’t the commentary by Nicephorus Gregoras following the translation into Latin.

Marginal waterstaining, notes on front fly-leaves.  19th century red morocco, inside dentelle, spine gilt, triple gilt filets on both covers.

Synesius (c. 373 – c. 414), neoplatonist, bishop of Ptolemais in the province Cyrenaica in today’s Libya. Κατάστασις describes the fall and ruin of that province. De insomniis liber, a book on the reasonableness of dreams, written about 402, is deeply influenced by the Neoplatonists Plotin and Porphyry.