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Εἰκόνες. — Venice 1535

2.400 €


Φιλοστράτου Εἰκόνες. Τοῦ αὐτοῦ ἡρωϊκά. Τοῦ αὐτοῦ βίοι σοφιστῶν. Φιλοστράτου νεωτέρου εἰκόνες. Καλλιστράτου ἐκφράσεις. Imagines Philostrati … — (Colophon:) Venetijs in officina Lucaeantonij Iunte M. D. XXXV. Mense Iunio.

Venice, Lucantonio Giunta, June 15352.

8vo (165 x 102 mm.) AAA-YYY8 (A8, blank except device on verso, in facsimile): 368 (= 352), (12) pp., (1) f. Blank margin of YYY4 with paper loss. Ruled in red throughout.

Contemporary calf with a geometrical design, bound in France or northern Italy. I could not identify the binder.

Adams P-1065; Hoffmann III 79; ustc 848073; edit16 29522; Camerini, Annali dei Giunti I/1 no. 380.